3 lessons I learned managing a team at Real Success 2019.
Jan 20, 2019


20 Jan, 2019

As of writing this, Day 1 of The Real Success 2019 concluded today. Really my first time working managing volunteers, I actually blown away by some people. How they can really throw themselves in to serve others. Truly inspiring. A lot of people want change and understand intuitively that serving first is all about.

1. Create the same vision

Yesterday started by setting some ground rules. I believe it set a tone for the team. Allowed us to play a bigger game and support each other. So we set 3 basic rules to play the game of being great ushers. What I felt was crucial and different from how most people do this is that I got the buy in from everyone in the team. We made up the rules together and then all agreed to play at 100%.

2. People are very intelligent, allow them to express it.

#FFD700Having never done this before I learned that things change rapidly. Our objective was basically to crowd control, to teach our clients where to go, stand and what they can expect from us. It was amazing to see how we all naturally flowed into a rhythm, learning from each other and leaning on each other at times when we needed help. I learned that when your open to listening and willing to be wrong or not know, yet be solution orientated everyone can come together to pick each other up. At times I let my thoughts/recharging state get the better of me and the ladies in my team would just remind me to smile, that would instantly change my state.

3. Debriefing

It’s powerful to find what others learned. It’s a great time to process things that you were not aware of. The power of leveraging team and trust in their abilities they may not even be sure they have is truly something spectacular to watch manifest. We didn’t debrief but will be the first thing I do in the morning. I’m another article I will wrote about what a debrief looks like. Perhaps even record ours.

I’m really grateful to have worked in this team, cause my role was not only in the room but online. I handled the social media moderation which was challenging and absolutely fun cause it gave me the opportunity to move people get them to respond and keep the brand front of mind.

#blessed to be apart of a team of like minded individuals!

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