“If something doesn’t work… Change your approach.”

Success in life is not about being named anything in particular. It’s about giving everything you have to be the best version of yourself in every area of life. As an Olympian, I live these ideals in my daily life and I encourage you to dig a little deeper with me…


I speak on topics I am most passionate about. Sports, Personal Development & Marketing.


I love chatting to and learning from amazing leaders in the sporting and business world.


I help companies grow through story-based marketing strategies that create an ROI.

Does your company truly own your brand message?

Many organisations rely on a third party to come up with their brand message but because they haven’t truly adopted the messaging and integrated it into every aspect of the business. The next supplier does the same and every time a new marketing agency comes in a new message is created. This creates confusion and confusion wastes money on marketing efforts that fall on deaf ears. So I help organisations create brand messaging that the whole organisation and its stakeholders will buy into. Helping the business grow.

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