So I've decided to step up my game and do more to help people market and strategize their business better. Most people don't understand how important the right strategy is to market success and penetration. So I've created a show with that purpose. 

Welcome to Marketing Made Simple #EP1. In this episode I chat to Ms Karabo Phogole who has started a community called Phenomenal Women Connect? She has pretty successfully run networking events but wants to take it to the next level. You can watch the full episode or listen to the podcast above.  For those like me who the crib notes. Here are some of the topics we covered with expanded content on each.

  1. How to make your event more profitable
  2. How to collaborate with others
  3. Why studio quality content comes second
  4. How to collaborate with others
  5. How to create engaging and authentic content
  6. How to create original content