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Engaging marketing ideas that work.

I help business leaders grow their company with story-based marketing strategies that work. 

Let’s chat synergyBook a virtual coffee with me


Are you having trouble creating compelling marketing content that generates a return on your investment? Most business leaders marketing struggle to effectively position their business and profit from their marketing. 

There is so much differing advice in the market today, that leaves you confused about what really works. I know how frustrating it is to be throwing good money away, after bad. Or investing a ton of time and effort in your marketing, without adequate Return on your Investment. You deserve a partner that can help you stand out from the competition, using strategies that work and that help you grow your business.

Is your marketing strategy getting positive results? 

Let’s chat synergyBook a virtual coffee with me

Here’s what others say about working with me…

Claire M

Executive Coach

“The process we went through was effortless. I absolutely love my new messaging.”

Barry M

Sales Trainer

“Dramatic increase in results increasing my lead generation by 150%-200%! “

We worked with Marlon to work on our marketing because we knew we needed to do something different. Being an accountant I had no idea how to market properly. After a few sessions, he gave us everything we needed to communicate with customers in a language that they understand. Now, whenever we do our marketing we go back to our brand communications guide to make sure our messaging is on point!”

Nestene B

Explore Protech

I needed leads for an event I was running and turned to Marlon for help. He took me through this story process, which at first I had my doubts about and was pleasantly surprised at how much we could do with such a simple process. What’s even better is that running ad’s for my business not only cost me less than ever before saving me over R12000 in marketing spend. We had the highest attendance ever!

Craig Ferreira

Craig F

Creative Frequency

“I wasn’t confident to build my brand online mainly because I didn’t know how to effectively build my brand and market myself. After connecting with Marlon and going through his process, we uncovered my clear brand message that I now use in my team building and executive coaching business. Now Im super confident about what my message is, how to communicate to my ideal clients and grow my business despite the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Lindiwe M

Corporate Team building Coach

Let’s chat synergyBook a virtual coffee with me

A simple guide to generating sales 24/7

So, you want to market your products or services and then you realise that you need a website. You go online and search and find some of the best designers in town. You check out their portfolio and decide that their perfect. After you agree on what you want your website to look like, they ask you the dreaded question… “Do you have content?” That’s where everything unravels. You don’t know exactly what should go on the website. You just have the idea and are ready to sell. On the other side they don’t understand your business, so how can they know what t put up there? This ends up in delays, frustration and a whole lot of unnecessary  back and forth. Now what if I told you that was not necessary. That probably 90% of what you wanted to put on your website was a waste of time because it won’t bring you sales. All you end up with is a beautiful brochure. It tells people about your business but doesn’t sell. In this book, I share the how you can build a website that works like a high performing sales agent. Attracting leads and closing sales.

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